Miwa Canada provides a wide range of RFID and magnetic stripe plastic and paper keycards for hotel chains, franchises and independent properties worldwide. All our cards, fobs and wristband are tested in-house to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Mifare Classic
  • Mifare 1k
  • Mifare 4k
  • Mifare Desfire


At Miwa we know the Keycard is not only to open a door lock, this small plastic or paper card is a big advertising tool promoting your business, services, events and brands. Create your own style and be different.

Miwa supplies plastic and paper keycards to all hotel sizes in Canada, USA and worldwide. Our team is more than happy to assist your hotel to fit your needs.

During our 70 years + in the hospitality industry we have developed partnerships with some of the largest hotel chains worldwide, providing high quality products and excellence in customer service.

Key fobs and wristbands are also available in addition to keycards.

MIWA key fobs and wristbands