Card Issuing System


Nearly every front desk needs to make and issue key cards. The ALV2 Series MIWA Card Issuing System is designed for guest and staff card issuing. Through PC based software and a small USB encoder, cards can be administered.


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  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 OS.
  • ALV2 client software can be loaded on to any PC on the local network.
  • USB powered encoder – small front desk footprint. Installed on any PC on the local network.
  • Serial or TCP/IP connection to PMS.
  • Guest card and staff card issuing through client or parent PC, password protected.
  • USB powered BLE encoder - Mobile keys are encoded locally.
  • Integral lock programmer and interrogator.
  • Access to lock interrogation and programming via valid authorization code only.
  • Authorization levels to be set by property.
  • Authorization access through password or card and password.
  • Data back up and system restore.
  • Card issue auditing (guest and staff ).
  • Guest Card – These can be programmed to open an individual room or multiple rooms or areas within a property. For example meeting areas can be added to the guest card for a club lounge, swimming pool, health club, etc. Each guest card has the option to include up to 6 additional guest rooms, plus all the common areas.
  • Emergency card – Can open all doors in the property no matter whether the deadbolt is engaged or not.
  • Master card – Can open all locks in the property except when deadbolt is in use (unless lock has been programmed differently).
  • Sub-master cards – Programmed to open doors with in the property by, room range, room type and floor. With our advanced master key structure these can be tailored to individual employee’s needs, allowing them only to go where you want them to go and when.
  • Master lock out card – Once this card has been used in the lock no card can open the lock except for the emergency card (function canceled by use of Cancel card)
  • Housekeeping lock out – To be used to lock out all existing guest cards but does not affect new issued cards (used when room has been cleaned and ready to be placed back into inventory, prevents checked out guests with cards still valid by time from re-entering the room).
  • Cancel card – Cancels both lock out features.
  • Maintenance cards – Programmed by time for specific room numbers.
  • Passage mode cards – Option used for offices or meeting rooms.
  • One shot cards – Used once in the lock, for showing rooms etc.
  • Standby cards – Made for each guest room in the case of front desk equipment failure, such a power blackout etc.
  • Interrogation Cards–Used to download interrogation data from the lock.
  • Wrist bands and key fobs are also available instead of keycard.