ALV2 C series – Cylindrical type


The ALV2 series is the latest in a long line of electronic locking solutions from MIWA Lock and designed specifically for today’s busy hospitality industry. Using the latest in RFID technology the new locking system is attractive yet durable and easy for guests and staff to use.

Today a hotel lock is no longer just a means for closing the guest room door but an important part in the overall running of a busy hotel. As the only piece of technology in your property that the guest has to use multiple times it is vitally important that it does its job effectively every time, without fail. The mechanics and electronics of this lock are second to none. Having passed the prestigious ANSI 156.25 grade 1 electronic lock test, this includes the electronics. The system has been designed to make it easy for your staff to use yet still have the features you need to run your hotel safely and securely.

The pressed stainless steel escutcheon is available as standard in 2 high-quality finishes – Satin Stainless Steel and Satin Brass.


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  • Exterior card reader to accept guest and staff keys.
  • Reader to be programmed to lock and unlock automatically at predetermined times, set by the property.
  • Card reader controller supplies 3V output to wall-mount reader and 24V output to Magnetic locks, electrified panic bars, electric strikes or other locking device.
  • Back up battery is included.
  • Heater kit to be installed in colder climates.
  • ALV2 intelligent RFID contactless lock system
  • Lock system completely made in Japan
  • Hack-proof design provides security and safety
  • Each guest card has the option to add up to 6 additional guest rooms, plus all common areas and special VIP areas
  • Guest cards can be programmed to open an individual lock or multiple rooms or locks within a property. For example meeting areas can be added to the guest card or a club lounge, swimming pool, health club etc
  • System allows the option for guests and staff to use, cards, key fobs or wrist bands
  • Emergency card overrides all locks where deadbolt is in use
  • Staff cards can be timed and set to operate on chosen days of the week