Plastic & Paper Key Cards


MIWA Canada provides a wide range of RFID & Magnetic strips plastic and paper key cards, fobs, wristbands and bracelets for guests & staffs designed to operate with most key card
door locks.

Customize your key cards to promote your brand, services

Differentiate your hotel from the competition with our eco-friendly paper RFID cards for secure room access.

and special events. We provide key cards to corporate-owned hotels, franchises and independent properties throughout North America.

Our products are tested in-house to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


Plastic & Paper Key Cards

Key cards work with all major electronic locks systems, like Assa Abloy (Vingcard), DormaKaba, Miwa, Onity, Salto and many more . . . 

We also offer key card envelopes & card holders. 

Welcome your guest and showcase your brand & services by presenting their key card in a customized envelope or card holder. 

Anti-Microbial options available.

Is your property looking for an environmentally responsible option to plastic cards? Paper RFID hotel key cards are now available. Paper key cards from MIWA Canada offer all the benefits of plastic cards without the environmental concerns, and look and feel like durable plastic cards and can work with a hotels’ existing lock system for a cost effective, single-user solution.

Paper key cards are sustainably made from renewably sourced paper pulp, and offer more design options than plastic cards (e.g., printed with graphics, foils, and glitter) to capture and highlight a unique brand identity.

Plastic & Paper Key Cards