MIWA Canada carries a range of electronic smart locks and card locks designed to read RFID proximity cards, magnetic cards, memory smart cards and bluetooth technology (BLE) providing complete hotel access control systems. With a service track record second to none.

True lock masters


MIWA Japan has been a trusted provider of high-performance locks and security systems, with a reputation for quality and reliability, since 1945, providing a range of products that guarantee the integrity of clients systems. Our clients guests are provided with only the highest levels of security, not only in their room but also for their account details.

Since 1945, MIWA Lock Company, Ltd. has grown to become Japan’s foremost provider of high-performance locks and security systems. Today, their reputation for quality and reliability has made MIWA the choice of leading hotel chains around the world.

From the first offline electronic hotel locking system, which MIWA developed in 1981, to today’s flagship product, the dual-card technology AL5H system, MIWA continues to set the global standard for programmable lock technology.

About MIWA

MIWA’s emphasis on research and development ensures clients the most advanced technology and materials. With headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, MIWA is a family-owned company comprised of 1,562 employees who are dedicated to their clients security needs. MIWA’s U.S. offices are located in Irvine, California.

Our MIWA locks combine high-quality engineering with state of the art electronics, offering convenience, added security, trouble-free operation, efficient battery power consumption and reliable mechanics for both our clients and their guests.

We are known for our customized solutions, dependable technical support and courteous service. It is our commitment to superior products, low prices, and quick delivery that is recognized in the hospitality world.

About MIWA